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Empty Plastic Bottles

The Plastic Problem

Plastic waste is a huge issue worldwide. The overconsumption of plastic packaged goods is having the worst effects on developing countries and it is all our fault. We need to be cautious consumers but we also need legislation to back up this work.

Industrial Smoke

US Climate Change Tour

Climate Change is such a large-scale problem that it is hard for many to conceptualize. It seems that we need to see the problem right in front of us in order for us to care. This story map will take it one step state at a time so we can see how this will impact your home state.

Industrial Smoke

Environmental Justice

As climate change becomes more rampant we need to make sure we protect the most vulnerable communities. Though these disasters will impact all of us, the recovery will not look the same. Vulnerable populations will have a harder time recovering. Our approach needs to prioritize them.

Green Roofs

Green Technology

Climate change is a problem that affects society in many different sectors, lets explore some innovative solutions that people have been working on.

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